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Monsters and Blue Light

A 'copter circled like a big ol' kite
When the river caught fire that night.
From our bluff we could see the light,
It was a strange, pretty sight.

The river boiled and burned for three days
And sent out a creeping black haze.
The animals turned fearless and crazed.
Oh, it was on TV for days.

The third night the quake hit our bluff.
God! That night! It was rough!
And didn't save none of our stuff.
Just savin' ourselves was tough.

Then rain fell like sharp steel wire.
We thought it would put out the fires
But they only burned that much higher
And everything turned to mud and cold mire.

Then the monsters came.
The fell bright even in the rain.
And nothing could ever be the same,
Living with monsters and blue flame.

The land sank and up the new sea crept,
And monsters swam where once we had slept.
We live in the few hills still left
And think of what we've lost and what we've kept.

From our hills we watch the monsters burn,
Watch the waters glow blue and churn,
But they never come up, we've learned,
So they don't cause us much concern.

Still - When the white moon comes out at night
And hangs there like a big street light,
We know things can never be right
Living with monsters and blue light.

© by Alllie

Copyright Alllie 2002