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Tim Huntley's One on Me has been one of my favorite books for a couple of decades. I found it screamingly funny and always hoped Huntley would write more. Every year I used to go to the library and look at the new Books in Print to see if he had had anything new published. Little did I know he had been having a successful career in films under the name of Timothy Wade Huntley. Thanks to the wonders of the web, I've discovered that One on Me didn't exist in a vacuum but was just one of many outlets for a very fertile mind.

Timothy Wade Huntley is a writer/editor of television and motion pictures. His short film UP won an Academy Award (Producer, Mike Hoover). His short films Solo and Fall Line won Academy Award nominations. Solo holds the record as the most seen short film in history. A fourth Academy nomination was awarded to his Imax film Alaska, Spirit Of The Wild (editor/co-writer) for best documentary (a Graphic Films production). Huntley's films have garnered over 50 festival firsts, seconds, and thirds worldwide. He co-wrote, edited, and scored four Imax films, three of which out-grossed all other Imax films for the year of release. One of these, Africa The Serengetti held the record as the highest grossing documentary of all time. He has written and edited dozens of TV shows from prime time network to cable, from sports specials to comedy. His first novel, One On Me was published in 1980 by New American Library. His current release, EarthGame a Player's Guide is an underground favorite in the Northwest. Tidwell's Spirit is a redrafting of EarthGame.



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