Steven Hatfill: Coconspirator or Scapegoat?

By Alllie

Connecting the Dots and Asking Questions about theAnthrax Letters
By Richard J. Ochs September 17, 2002

  • Only 20 or 30 people who worked in USAMRIID labs have the capacity to make the concentrated powder that was used.
  • One of those people, Steven Hatfill claimed he served with the Special Forces of the white Rhodesian government in its civil war against black rebels in the late 1970s.
  • Reporter Nicholas Kristof asked if Hatfill had connections to the biggest anthrax outbreak among humans ever recorded, one that sickened 10,000 black farmers in Rhodesia in 1978-80?î (New York Times, 7/2/02).
  • Pat Clawson, radio executive for Oliver North (who was guilty of selling guns to Iran for the cocaine-running contra terrorists) admitted being at a shooting party with his friend Hatfill and like-minded guys. It took place in a remote cabin suspected of being contaminated during the anthrax attacks last October (Baltimore Sun 8/13/02).

I admit that once I knew about Hatfill's links with Oliver North, "coconspirator" started to seem more likely than "scapegoat." Just being in a group with these "like-minded guys" suggests to me that, like them, he would do anything. But, on the whole, his history says not "racist lone wolf" but "CIA field agent." I believe that was what Hatfill was doing in Africa in the 70s and 80s. Think the US government would have run field tests of anthrax in Africa? No? How about in the US? No? Go read about Arms Textile.

  • Kristof reported: "The FBI knows that Hatfill gave Cipro (anthrax vaccine) to people who visited" this property, which "may be operated by American intelligence" (New York Times, 7/2/02).


  • Who else will be implicated if Hatfill talks under duress of prosecution? Can he embarrass big shots in the Pentagon or government? Will he skate, take the fall or is he a walking dead man?
  • Who knowingly hired a known racist mercenary to handle the world's most dangerous biological agents?

Is Hatfill part of a clique of racist germ warriors? (Hartford Courant, 12/19/01) The apparent plot to blame Arabs for the anthrax letters failed miserably.

FBI Cover Up?

Is the FBI deliberately sabotaging the legal case for successful prosecution with irregular procedures? Remember that the war criminals Sgt. Calley and Oliver North never served a day in jail even though they were found guilty of war crimes and other felonies.

Why is the FBI showing only one photograph to the public in Princeton NJ where the contaminated mailbox was found? Why don't they show pictures of all the men who were at the remote cabin a week after the anthrax mailings? Was North at the cabin?

Who else was there? What phone records exist for these men? Who called who, and when? Where were these men on October 9 when the anthrax letters were mailed from New Jersey? Who was missing? Have the credit/debit card records of gasoline purchases on the route to and from New Jersey been checked for these men? Who has ironclad alibis?

Some Tentative Conclusions

"The FBI knows who did it," concludes Dr. Barbara Hatch Rosenberg of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), "but it is dragging its feet because an arrest would be embarrassing to the U.S. authorities . . . The suspect is part of a clique that includes high- level former USAMRIID scientists and high-level former FBI officials."

The anthrax attacks could be a conspiracy to intimidate Congress and influence legislation. Any such cabal is operating in the context of a military-intelligence culture of impunity, illegality, racism and international aggression. The anthrax perpetrator was helped by accomplices before and after the fact, by investigators who are not investigating and by an administration which allows such transgressions. The public spotlight on the domestic anthrax terrorism has also revealed other associated crimes, malfeasance and treaty violations. See:

Dr. Rosenberg of FAS summarizes the political climate which allows racist military cliques to run rampant: The Bush administration blocked action by the rest of the world on a vital treaty to monitor the ban on biological weapons . . . Rejection of the biological weapons treaty follows an administration pattern of arrogance . . . The Bush administration, which is a minority government, is intent on using its brief opportunity to impose unilateral security decisions on the rest of the world, and to do so in as irreversible a manner as possible . . . We recognize that there is no way to defend populations from such weapons. Therefore, the world cannot afford to turn down any reassurance that would contribute to prevention.(See FAS website:

Ochs made some good points but I'm still not convinced that Hatfill is that anthrax terrorist or even involved, certainly not that he acted without orders.

War on terror: FBI 'guilty of cover-up' over anthrax suspect

Rosenberg's profile suggests that the suspect is a middle-aged scientist with a doctoral degree who works for a CIA contractor in Washington DC. She adds he has to know or have worked closely with Bill Patrick, the weapons researcher who holds five secret patents on how to produce weapons-grade anthrax, that he suffered a career setback last summer that embittered him and precipitated his campaign and that he has already been investigated by the FBI.

Most crucially, she believes the suspect has in the past actually conducted experiments for the government to test the response of the police and civil agencies to a bioterror attack.

"It has been part of the suspect's job to devise bioterror scenarios," Rosenberg said. "Some of these are on record. He is known to have acted out at least one of them, in hoax form, perhaps as part of an assignment to test responses. Some hoax events that have never been solved, including several hoax-anthrax events, also correspond to his scenarios and are consistent with his whereabouts."

The question she wants the FBI and the Bush administration to answer is, why it has taken so long to arrest this man? In the unlikely event that the government divulges all it knows about what she now believes to be a full blown cover-up, Rosenberg said responsibility can be expected to fall on a number of government agencies, all with a vested interest in shielding the truth.

"Either the FBI is under pressure from the Pentagon or CIA [or the White House] not to proceed because the suspect knows too much and must be controlled forever from the moment of arrest," she said, "or the FBI is sympathetic to the views of the biodefence clique or the FBI really is as incompetent as it seems."

Rosenberg's analysis suggests a combination of all three. The American defence establishment guards its secrets well and given the suspect's covert work on their behalf their reluctance to see him publicly exposed appears natural.

Rosenberg seems unwilling to consider another possibility: that Hatfill is part of the ex-intelligence agency cabal around Bush, was following instructions and is now being protected.

Anthrax: Former USAMRIID Scientist Studied Envelope Attack
Steven Hatfill, the former biological weapons defense scientist whose apartment the FBI searched this week, commissioned a study in 1999 examining a potential anthrax attack using a spore-filled envelope opened in an office.
The study examined the risks of anthrax spores spreading through the air and the decontamination measures that would be needed after various types of attacks, according to the Sun. William Patrick, a former scientist in the U.S. offensive biological weapons program, prepared the study and submitted it to Hatfill and another researcher at the defense contractor where Hatfill then worked.

Talk about things that make you go "ahhh." But it really means nothing because we don't know if this study was Hatfill's idea or if he was instructed to commission it. We also don't know how many other people read it and how many of them had access to the proper strain of weaponized anthrax. And the biggest question: Did Hatfill have access to the anthrax AND acess to a Level 3 or 4 Biosafety facility after 9/11. The reports say he was no longer working for the CIA nor at any bioweapons contractor and had no access to the necessary lab. All that might be a lie. He might still be on the CIA payroll today. Not like they don't lie at every turn. For instance, did you know the Watergate burglars were long time CIA agents. (During his time in the CIA Bush41 began the use of contractors to commission "projects" illegal for the CIA. God knows what all of them were but during the Iraq war we have seen the use of contract torturers, foreign nationals, to conduct "interrogations." They seem immune to prosecution while any American that engaged in similar actions could be charged with war crimes.)

Slowness in tracking down anthrax killer is intolerable
We've learned that his former colleagues in the biodefense community brought Hatfill's name to the FBI's attention last October, shortly after the anthrax victims began dying. He recently had lost his security clearance through polygraph inconsistencies.

This makes me wonder if Hatfill deliberately lost his clearance so he would have an alibi, that it would appear that he couldn't be the source of this material because he no longer had access to the labs necessary to produce it or even put it in an envelope then he could do his work in a CIA lab and no one be the wiser. Or perhaps he accidentally lost his clearance because he was part of this plan, under orders or part of a rogue group of "like minded guys" who engineered it.

Some investigators believe the FBI's amazing caution stems from Hatfill's loose connections to the late Ron Brown, President Clinton's commerce secretary. Others think that he was working for the CIA; and still others believe that the anthrax killings were a defense-related exercise that went badly wrong.

I don't believe that Hatfill was the anthrax terrorist, at least not in the sense that he was working independently, without orders. I have several reasons for this opinion:

  • I don't believe that any anthrax terrorist would be protected, no matter how powerful his friends, not unless his superiors at the highest level were involved, and probably not even then.
  • Hatfill is likely a scapegoat because the anthrax could not have been cultured, weaponized or even placed in envelopes outside of Level 3 or 4 Biosafety containment. It could not have been produced in a basement. It could not have been placed in envelopes without leaving a trail of spores. If Hatfill had actually been ordered to send the anthrax and the media knew his name and was starting to look at him, he would likely end a "suicide." His survival probably means he is their designated scapegoat, and that they will pin it on him if the finger ever starts to point at Bush.
  • The ease with which it was established that the anthrax was US government anthrax clearly shows the anthrax was not sent out by a scientist because a scientist would have known how easy it would be to decode the DNA and trace the strain to its source. As early as October 10th 2001 the anthrax strain was being traced.

    Possible anthrax match found
    Experts on bioterrorism confirmed that molecular biology specialists can tell whether a particular strain of anthrax resembles strains recovered elsewhere, such as from dead livestock or soil or those stored in laboratories or strain "libraries'' in the country.

    See, an agent probably wouldn't have known that. A scientist surely would have. Soon after the first anthrax death the wheels were in motion to track the source, wheels people like Bush and his CIA cabal didn't know existed and which couldn't be stopped without revealing they were involved. Maybe Hatfill was a very bad scientist. Not worthy of the name. Maybe he spent most of his life as an agent and didn't really know crap. But surely anyone in this field would have know the strain could be tracked back.
  • I don't believe that Hatfill or anyone but George Bush would have chosen that group of targets at that time. It speaks to motive. Hatfill had no motive to choose some of those targets, nor would a group of "like minded guys." Only George Bush would have.

© Alllie, 2004

Distribution: This article is copyrighted by Alllie, but permission is granted for reprint in print, email, or web media so long as you tell me where, this credit is attached, as well as a link back to this page.

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