Evil vs. Evil vs. Evil

On one hand, we have declared Osama bin Laden the “Most Evil Man in the World”.

On the other hand, we have also declared Saddam Hussein the “Most Evil Man in the World”.

So, which one is it?

There can only be one victor of this highly prestigious title.

To most people, the choice is easily decided as the perpetrator behind Black Tuesday.

Therein lies a problem though. To decide the title of MEMITW based on 9-11 alone, we must add another candidate to the ballot—NOW, otherwise known as the New World Order, must be allowed to have a vote.

  Now we have a ballot all set for the MEMITW with three candidates, Osama, Saddam & the New World Order.

  Without going in details, it is apparent that all three definitely meet the criteria for the position.

But for the sake of those undecided, lets list their most acclaimed accomplishments that will beget one of the three the highly sought after title of the MEMITW.


Osama bin Laden

I will start with Mr. Been Hiding simply because he is number one on the FBI list of the Most Wanted people in the world. The trouble with this candidate is that nobody knows where he is, or if he is even dead or alive. If he is dead, then he must be dropped from the race because dead men cannot be among the living MEMITW titleholders. He would have joined the ranks of the “Most Evilest Men Who Ever Lived”. Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot – quite a prestigious list in its own rights.

Nevertheless, for the man who is responsible, if not directly then at least in spirit, for Black Tuesday, you would think it would be a no contest situation. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. There is no evidence that links him has being directly responsible for the death of thousands. “At least not evidence that could convict him in a court of law”, Rumsfield was quoted as saying. So it was decided he committed murder by proxy and that was sufficient to go after him. After all, we certainly cannot convict the men directly responsible because they already signed their death certificates before they boarded the airplanes. Mr. Bin Fooled was caught on Candid Camera admitting he “calculated the deaths” of the planes hitting the towers. That proved his guilt and gave his nomination value as the prospective MEMITW. After all, videotapes are virtually fool proof, right? Besides, he hates Israel. That is a requirement.


Saddam Hussein

Now, here is a candidate sure to tickle your fancy. The man has it all. He is one completely ruthless man. Sadistic Hussein is a an evil Dictator, controls an evil empire, ordered the evil mass exterminations of his own people, starved thousands of kids with his greediness, is building weapons of mass destruction and not to mention the man controls a large portion of the worlds oil.  Of course, controlling the oil we so desperately want is what allowed his climb to the top of the list. *Note – it really is Saddam I am referring to even though it sounds like another person we shall not mention.

However, since we have to base the title of the MEMITW on Black Tuesday, it should be obvious that Sadistic Hussein is not eligible. Guess again. Since President Bush and Company are willing to risk the lives of thousands of the good men and women of the military to kill the evil regime, that must mean he has some compliancy that we are not being told. As long as Bush & Company have conferred with Jayna Davis, David Shippers, Laurie Mylroie and Kelly O’Meara, I know that I am satisfied that Sadman indeed is quite eligible for the position of the MEMITW. In addition, he hates Israel.


The New World Order

When I first learned of the NOW and the fact they are involved in Black Tuesday, I shook my head. What would a bunch of silly wrestlers have to do with evil outside of their antics in the ring? I have since learned that wrestlers are not evil and that it is a completely different New World Order that is all the buzz.

The Carlyle Group is the abyss of Corporate Greed and Military corruption. Many feel they are the epitome of evil. Whatshisname and Whohussain, if they hold any evil creditability at all, it must be because of the NOW.  I believe they call that a “Puppet Regime”. The Power they have is amazing.  They control it all and what they cannot control meets a premature death. Although the NOW has been in the shadows for many years, Black Tuesday brought them out into the light. Only the most powerful and richest men in the world have the ways and means to make anything happen …or not happen. Does being an ex-President or having the $5,000,000 entrance fee make one evil? Does being the President and the son of an ex-President contribute to the evilness?  I suppose it all depends on if they put their assets to use for good instead of evil. Good does not create wealth though. Money is at the root of all evil. I am not sure what they have planned for Israel so they may not have yet met that requirement.

Now that we have looked at the top candidates for the “Most Evil Man in the World”, it is time to make a decision. It may require a deal of research on your part because it is not a good thing to jump on the bandwagon of just any evildoer. It must be strongest, brightest and most brilliant evil one that gets your vote. Also, be sure to look at your ballot very carefully. We do not want to have the USSC select the winner for us. We all know what happened last time they took the vote out of our hands.

  I wonder why the USSC did not make the list of nominations.

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