The good folks at #news_garden are proud to present The mIRC IRC Servers List Help Page. We recommend that you download and install mIRC v6.03 if you have not done so already. If you need help with this, feel free to ask for help in channel. there is always someone there who will be willing to help.
Editting the mIRc Servers List
The list of dalnet servers that comes with mIRC is full of invalid servers and settings. We recommend that you delete all of them other than the active servers shown on the #newsgarden Dalnet Servers Page

To delete the old Dalnet Servers click on mIRC Menu: File...Options...Connect to get the Options Dialog Window. (Example 1)

Click the arrow in the IRC Networks dropdown box, and select dalnet.

Now, you can repeatedly click the Delete Button to remove all the Dalnet servers from the list.
Example 1
Example 2Example 3
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