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Note: Our apologies to anyone who submitted feedback that was not posted. We had a problem with the feedback email but we think it is now fixed. We love your feedback so we hope we haven't missed any.
If you have a copy of old feedback that was never posted please send it to alllie and we will add it now.

Reviewer Date Episode
Sylvie 6-22-2006 Hearts of Darkness Part II

'Twas a long time in waiting but I thoroughly enjoyed this new installment!!! Adrian Paul as the evil immortal, sweet!!

[Producer's note: Thanks for your feedback Sylvie...and yeah...making Adrian Paul of dubious character is somehow very satisfying!!!! Some future stories are planned for him, but we need to finish this seasons arc first.

Alllie really liked Valentino for the Immortal and in the classic sense he would have been perfect, but the graphics were limited so we made a sound choice with Paul, and apparently everyone seems to like it.

Hope you will keep reading and be patient, as it is taking us quite awhile to get each episode done, but we will keep plugging away at it...Ok?

Thanks again. Kathy H]

Gloria 6-19-2006 Spike: Soul Survivor - The Series
By the way I am still enjoying it and I was surprised when Illyria turned up in Texas, but then again after reading so much of it I shouldn't really be surprised anymore, but now I'm starting to wonder what else is in store for the gang especially Spike. Well at least he's staying true to Buffy (so far), but all the compliments he's getting could turn his head, they would with most ordinary men, but then again Spike is no ordinary man is he. I hope he stays loyal to Buffy now she's told him how she really feels about him.
Jessica 6-19-2006 Gypsies, Vamps & Thieves
Hey, I've been reading through the series and I havta say you guys are doing an awesome job! Very well written, and great spike characterizations. Also, great job introducing new, interesting characters and a solid and thoroughly entertaining plot. Thanks! now I'm on to read more of this excellent series!! Can't wait to see what you have in store next!
[Producer's Note: Thank you for the compliments. Sometimes we 'bend' the canon a bit to make the story flow...but we do try to be true to Spike at least as much as we can. He's just so fascinating. He has so many layers to his personality and I think we want to explore them all. This has been a lot of work for us, as we are limited in members now due to some real life issues that smacked us in the face...but we are still trying to get the episodes done and posted as quickly as we can.
Please DO stay with us and I hope you will continue to enjoy the story.
Elena 6-18-2006 Hearts of Darkness Part II
love new installment a lot. Much time has passed (and one of your cast members became an Oscar winner) and I thought this WIP will never be updated - but you go on, and it's great!

Interesting idea about Spike's transformation into a white wolf. The battle between Scoobies and Dracula's minions and subsequent battle between Drac and Spike are inventive and graphic. I know how difficult it is to describe action scenes because action is to be seen not read about. But here you succeed to make the scenes interesting and captivating.

The mention of Buffy is a very nice touch. It's great that you keep her unseen presence in Buffy-less episodes. Thank you. My inner Spuffy is happy. :)

I also want to thank the designers who did wonderful job with illustrations.

Scarolinagal 6-14-2006 Spike: Soul Survivor - The Series

I was so excited when I got the email that this story had been updated. This was another brilliant chapter in this story. Keep up the good work. Eagerly awaiting the teams arrival in New Orleans and can't wait to see what Dru's presence will stir up.
[Producers note: Thanks so much for checking out the episode. The Dracula episode was a lot of fun and we hope New Orleans will be a little diversion. Dru however is really only in flashbacks at this point, but will figure more into future developements. Hope you will stick with us though and be patient. I know it's taking a long time to get the episodes done, but we do our best.]

JamesMarsters EZ Board
6-2006 Hearts of Darkness Part II
I just found out about this site but the way how everything is done looks and seems very professional... I will read it tonight when I go to bed... usually I don't like Fanfic but the first impression is very good!
JamesMarsters EZ Board
6-2006 Hearts of Darkness Part II
I can't leave feedback for some reason on your site. So I hope you don't mind my comments put on here.
Soul Survivor is an amazing fic, so well written and the graphics are kool. I've been reading this since it was started and it will be a shame when it ends. Eagerly awaiting the next installment.
JamesMarsters EZ Board
6-2006 Hearts of Darkness Part II
I'd like to say though I agree with HC, and I also love how you bring all the characters into it and don't take away anything from Spike's story.

It is a true saga.

CarolM 6-8-06 Hearts of Darkness Part II

It's nice to have Virtual Spike back, and I mentioned the story in Marsters Mobsters too. I loved your reference for the Immortal, just who I had in mind too.

I did like the Dracula connection, with him turning into a black wolf and and Spike turning into a white wolf, but I am more of a cat lady myself, though I do like dogs. We have 5 cats, and I kinda see Spike as a white panther myself, cats are reputed to be the deadliest killers of all, yet I think they're so elegant and graceful.

I'm not one for commenting on the literary style, I did enough of that for A level English Literature thank you very much. (That's the English exams before college/university.)

I do love the ways that you've developed the Scoobies characters, and the stories always seem true to the canon."

Live Long and Prosper
[Producers notes: Carol...thank you again for the comments. It is frustrating that we can not get the feedback to work for everyone, but Alllie is doing her best to make sure we get the input from the readers.

As for the wolf connection...we kinda saw Spike as a lone wolf in a way, but a very noble creature looking for acceptance so the wolf was somehow calling to us, even though I have often seen Spike referred to as a sexy wild cat like he was in the panther crawl...growlllll!!!

I hope you will continue to stick with us. We have 2 more episodes and an epilogue to finish. It may take us 'forever' but we are die hards and we will do it...Ok? Thanks again for your feedback and continued support!]

Beatriz 6-8-06 Hearts of Darkness Part II
Just finished reading it. Thank you so much, it was great fun, and loved the wolf impersonation. And yes, Spike would make a beautiful white wolf. The art work was stunning, also. Now, did you have to cast such a good-looking Immortal?

Congratulations to all.

[Thanks for your encouragement!! We are so glad you liked it!!

As for The Immortal, I tried to get them to cast Valentino...but Adrian Paul won out.

Thanks again,


DragonIceLady 6-8-06 Hearts of Darkness Part II

Brilliant fight scenes..Spike as a wolf. Beautifully imagery through out and you just leave me wanting more. So Glad to see you post again. Excellent Story.

[Producers notes: Thanks for the feedback Dar. We thought Spike as a wolf would be cool and definitely add an edge to the fights and the pictures. Spike DOES make a very sexy beast!!!!!!

Kathy ]

Laura 6-6-06 Hearts of Darkness Part II
Great to see this series back, I'm really enjoying it. So many good Buffy stories have been abandoned lately, so its good to hear you will be continuing with this.
[Producers notes: Thank you Laura...glad to hear you are enjoying this series, and yes...we agree that a lot of Buffy stories are quickly disappearing, so we wanted to try and offer the readers something special to honor Spike. Please stick with us. Kathy H ]
SeaPea 6-6-06 Hearts of Darkness Part II

I hope you guys get this. Anyway, another lovingly done chapter well thought out and presented. The Spike/Wolf deal made sense with the Dracula stuff, since he can turn into one too. The artwork was great as usual.

I know you all work so hard on this and it is appreciated. It is so unbelievably well done. I wish I could help you out (I could probably beta but I'm not that talented with the computer). Just keep it up and we'll catch you next chapter (I look forward to learning about New Orleans! - haven't been there!)

[Producers notes: Sea Pea...thanks for your feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the Spike/Wolf stuff as it made for some pretty cool fights and some awesome artwork. The graphics folks are incredibly talented. Thanks for understanding how hard we have to work to get this together and for being patient with us. If you ever DO want to try your hand at beta work...let us know. We can always use the help. Again...thanks for your feedback and support and join us for New Orleans. In the meantime please tell your friends to give us a look. Kathy H]

Kim 6-6-06 Hearts of Darkness Part II

First off, Adrian Paul as the Immortal?! Priceless! LOL....I remember a few people suggesting it back when The Girl In Question was coming up, and people were hoping we might see the Immortal in the episode.

Trouble with Dru, a Vengeance Demon...I'm thinking maybe Cecily? And ghosts....hmmm...

I was so thrilled to see an update email today! I check every day to see if you guys might have updated. It really has been a bummer that so much has gotten in the way of your original schedule.

Great Part 2...Spike really went through a lot! I wasn't surprised that Haley fell under the thrall. Watchers really seem to have a problem with that, LOL. Mean's coming into her own...growing up as the trip proceeds. Xander's quips make me laugh. Poor Spike was really the butt of a joke lately. The deal with the horse - I can so see him going through that very thing.

Very glad Elizabeth is dead. Very glad that Victor is gone, too, the whiner. Too much of a coward for eternal life. I was hoping they'd finally get the better of Drac and end him for good, but he had to fly away...poncey bugger.

Marcus sounds evil to me. How did Buffy not figure that out?

I hope it won't be as long to the next episode, guys! Love what you do.

[Producers notes : Hey Kim...I am so glad you continue to stick with has been a long, hard road this year, but at least we got this episode finished. Now to keep moving. Please be patient takes us a lot longer than we hoped to get these stories and graphics done. We are trying our best though.

Anyway.....glad you liked the Immortal...we had some other choices we were kicking around for him, but he seems to fit well and Alllie's pictures are awesome. He is a shifty character and would think Buffy could see that...but hey...he is charming and all. He's not Spike...but he is handsome.

Glad you enjoyed the rest of the episode and trust me...the horse stuff we put Spike through...I know first we thought it would be funny to show the perils of not so 'prudent' Spike. He kinda went off half cocked as far as Drac was concerned. A bit of a 'macho' thing I guess.

As for Eliz and Victor...yeah...they got what they deserved, but Drac we figured was such an was hard to kill him off for good. After putting up with Elizabeth we actually felt sorry for him, but I doubt he will trouble Spike again.

As for the next episode, there are several things going on and a few things we simply set up at the end of this one HOD part 2, as 'foreboding' for the future ...but lets not spill anything just yet...... We have an appointed arc to finish for this season first.

Kathy H]

Tanya 6-6-06 Hearts of Darkness Part II

OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! how bloody brilliant was this ep?!?! well worth the wait.
Spike kicking butt, Spike becoming a wolf, I never saw that one coming. I love the way Xander got his own back kinda for the 'buttmonkeyness', what a great word btw!
Can't wait for the next one.

[Producers notes: Wow Tanya...I think you really did like the wolf stuff, and I'm glad because we were hoping it would go over well. I am a little partial to wolves myself I think, and we didn't want Drac to show up Spike! Right??? Thank you so much for reading the episode and obviously enjoying it so much. It was good to see Spike kick some butt and also Xander get some gumption back. "Buttmonkeyness' IS a great word isn't it, we can thank Virginia for that gem!!!

Hope you will stick with us. It will take us time to get these episodes out but we will persevere...OK?

Kathy H]

Gloria 6-6-06 Against Your Will

I've just finished reading the end of Against Your Will and I know I haven't sent any feedback to you since I started reading Soul Survivor, but I do tend to read quite a bit before I feel capable of giving a decent review, so here goes.

Soul Survivor is full of suspense, well-loved characters, new characters, sadness, love and apprehension. I can't wait to move on to the next chapter.

It must be good because it managed to make me put down the book I was reading, which was Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

The picture of the gorgeous one (Spike) really help the plot and how much would I love to be in that Viper with him on some desert highway on the run from the Senior Partners.

Write some more about Spike if that's possible, but I haven't got to the end yet so it might not be but I hope he's okay.

[Producers notes: Thanks Gloria. I'm really glad you are enjoying the series and we appreciate any feedback we can get. It keeps us going and inspires us to do better. If we made you put down a book by the author of the DaVinci don't know what to say to that...but thanks for doing so. I hope you will continue to enjoy the series and just be patient with us as it does take us a lot of time to put each episode together. Just keep reading and we'll be grateful!!!

Kathy H]

Sylvie 5-29-06 Spike: Soul Survivor - The Series

Hey, guys, I was just wondering when we would be graced with more episodes. I really miss this series.

[Producer: It's coming soon! We promise!]

Susan 5-13-06 Spike: Soul Survivor - The Series

I see there has been no new episodes posted since December.
Please, don't stop the series now, I want to read what the rest of your story and read these:

oHoodoo You Love?
oThe Offering
oTo Dream Again - An Epilogue

I have loved what your site has contained and I would just like the opportunity to know how it all ends. Please post the remaining episodes! Its been great storytelling and I want to know more.
[Producer: We appreciate your support. We love you all!!]

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