Welcome to Undernet #news_garden

If you are new to Undernet, be aware the following:

  • Chanserv and Nickserv do not exist on Undernet. (Alllie suggests if you cannot get your regular nick that you simply add a repeating letter or some other character to your regular nick. For Example: Karen. Karenn. Karen_. Karen`. etc.)
  • There is no way to register your favorite nick on Undernet.
  • Nicks are limited to 9 characters on Undernet.
  • There are sometimes 120,000 users on the Undernet. To maintain your privacy it will help if you register with Undernet Channel Services. (Ops MUST register.)

Undernet provides CService to help protect you from rare abuse from other users. Abuse occurs even on nets as small as Coolchat. But, unlike Coolchat, it is possible to conceal your address on the Undernet and largely disappear.

Before you connect to Undernet for the first time, go have a look at the Undernet Website and the Cservice Website. Then go to the Cservice LogIn Page and register before you connect to a Undernet server. This is the best way to maintain your privacy. Once you are registered and have received your password from CService you are ready to connect to CService.

  1. Connect to an Undernet server using a fake nick.
  2. Log in to Cservice. ( /msg x@channels.undernet.org login <undernetID> <undernetpassword> )
  3. After login is complete, set user mode +x. ( /mode <nick> +x )
  4. Change to your normal nick.
  5. Join the channel. ( /join #news_garden )
The Rules
  1. Treat each other with respect.
  2. No channel disruption such as flooding, spamming, flaming etc.
  3. The Op's decision is final.
  4. Ban evasion will result in a minimum 24 hr ban.
  5. Please listen to the ops. If they ask you to move on and drop an out-of-control topic or attack, then please do so. Such a request can be taken as a polite warning. You may not get any further warnings.
  6. Ops will make all simple warnings in channel for all to see. (Longer warnings may be given in private message.)
  7. Please avoid debate about enforcement decisions.

Responding in kind to a flame is just as wrong as the flame.

Disturbing or disrupting the channel is a banable offense.   

These rules are not final and are subject to change.  Please check back often.

Thank You for Choosing Undernet #news_garden
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